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10 Fun facts about Valencia

10 Fun facts about Valencia

Spain is one of the favorite destinations for travelers all around the world. The colorful intensity of the country, the rich and mixed cultural heritage, the nature and the history all entwine into an amazing and unforgettable experience. Today we review 10 Fun facts about Valencia and explore the possibility of going to one of the most beautiful and important cities in Spain.

1. Valencia is a leading economic center in Spain, producing textiles, metals, chemicals, toys, automobiles and azulejos (which are colored ceramic tiles), among others.

2. It is the third largest city in Spain, capital city of the province with the same name.

3. First mentioned in the 2nd century BC as a Roman colony, the name of Valencia comes from “valentia”, which means valor, bravery – the Roman practice of admiring the courage of soldiers after a war.

4. There are dialects and dialects, some more isolated than others, but to say you speak Valencian would not be a problem, since the city has two spoken languages: Spanish (predominantly) and Valencian.

5. The Golden Age of Valencia happened in the 15th century, when the city was the most populous and rich in the Kingdom of Aragon.

6. The weather in Valencia can be hot! The record maximum temperature registered in the city is 42 degrees Celsius. The climate here is warm.

7. Surely soccer is the queen of sports in Europe and Spain. Europeans call it football… as opposed to American football. But what’s worth mentioning is that Valencia is the only place in Spain to have two American football teams in the LNFA: the Giants and the Firebats of Valencia.

8. Public transport in Valencia is decent in Valencia and the airport links the city to all the prominent international destinations. But if you want more freedom, you can go to Valencia car rental and hire a car for the holidays.



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