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Did you know this about Santiago de Compostela?

Did you know this about Santiago de Compostela?

We know Spain is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world, that Galicia is one of the most remarkable cultural regions of the country and that “the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain.” But did you know this about Santiago de Compostela?

El Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) is one of the most well-known pilgrimages in the world, one that has seen millions of people walk its trails for over a millennium. People walk the road to Compostela, the place that is said to contain the earthly remains of Spain’s patron saint James.

In a so-called “laic age”, 2.5 million people still walk the road to Santiago de Compostela every year, seeking enlightenment or merely adventure. Some choose to come to town by means of more… erm, earthly transportation options, such as car rental or Santiago de Compostela airport transfers.

Especially since the average length is 800 km and takes about a month to walk on foot.

The old town of Santiago de Compostela has been registered in the UNESCO list since the year 1985. El Camino de Santiago has is the first registered cultural itinerary in Europe, registered accordingly in 1987.

The University in town dates back to 1495, making it one of the oldest in Spain.

There is a passport required for the Road to Compostela! And it has to be signed at least once a day.

There are also guidebooks to the Camino de Santiago, the oldest of which is the 12th-century Codex Calixtinus.

The Cathedral is the main attraction in town, the place that is said to contain the body of the saint as well. But there are also other attractions, one of which is the Rajoy Palace, built in the 18th century and serving as a jail and then a residence after becoming a museum.