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Top 3 Reasons to spend Christmas in Malaga

Top 3 Reasons to spend Christmas in Malaga

Dearest friends, I don’t know about you, but for me, the first days of December bring along a sense of expectation and happiness: the winter season is nearly here, Santa is going to come one way or another, or better still, I’ll get to play Santa for my loved ones… but there is also a sense of thrill because for some time now, every year, I try to think of a new place to spend the holidays. Don’t worry, I have an idea prepared for you too, so here are the Top 3 Reasons to spend Christmas in Malaga!

1. The weather: Malaga, the beautiful pearl of the Costa del Sol, does justice to the name of the region: its wide, welcoming shores are always bathed in sun, and warm. In December, average temperatures revolve around 13-15 degrees Celsius, the sea water temp is around 16 degrees Celsius and there are 5 and a half sunny hours per day to be expected. Escaping the cold of home is always a plus for me.

2. The people: Although the Spanish are not great with foreign languages and the locals make no exception really, it’s hard to find more warm and welcoming friends. They’re very used to foreigners, understand the importance of tourism and will generally go out of their way to help you feel at home.

3. The Christmas spirit: Starting from the beginning of December, the city of Malaga prepares for the celebration of Nativity with a wonderful display of colors and lights. One of the most stunning sites in town is the central Plaza and the Calle Larios, from which vantage point you can see the magnificent Gothic Cathedral all bathed in light.

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