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Android Game to play while travelling

Android Game to play while travelling

Dearest friends, we spend our blogging days talking about travelling and describe it as an amazing experience – and it is! But there are certain tedious moments that you have to live through during a journey, for instance the long hours trapped in the confines of public transport or waiting in the station. Some people read a book or a magazine, and generally speaking I’d be one of them; but others find this pass time to be too engaging or tiresome and want something more fun and quick to do, so for them we have here a solution: an Android Game to play while travelling.

Compatible with all tech devices, Ape Theory is a fun and simple game to play as you commute to work or wait in the train station. The mechanism of the game is really quite simple: all you have to do is help the monkey take down the bananas hanging from the ropes. The circuit is dynamic, visually stimulating and fraught with obstacles and dangers.

apeAmong the travelling games on my list, Ape Theory is a really stimulating one and very fun to play, at least if you ask me. I found myself playing for over an hour as I was travelling to the mountains and I guess I must have looked pretty hilarious frantically tapping my smartphone’s screen to avoid snakes and crocodiles and statues, chasing after bananas and humming to myself, fully immersed in the colorful and luxuriant jungle. There are over 80 levels to explore and I have to admit I never got far enough to finish the game; but then again, I’m not the greatest gamer and I find there’s more fun in repeating a level and in just enjoying the run with the cute little ape.

And also, did you know that games stimulate the brain and keep neurological degeneration at bay?