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Where to go when in Cyprus – Part II

Where to go when in Cyprus – Part II

Welcome back, dear friends, and hop back on board as we travel through the vast and beautiful island of legends. Last time, we looked into some answers to the question: Where to go when in Cyprus? Now we unravel more, so come with us!

Cyprus is more than an island, it is more than a country similar to Greece or Turkey. Although its existence and history is linked to the history and culture of both these above-mentioned nations, Cyprus has forged its own identity along the ages and today it stands proud on the list of tourist destinations in Europe and around the world.

Among the most prominent tourist attractions in Cyprus, one stands out: Larnaca. The city and its surrounding area both deserve our undivided attention. So what can we visit there?

Beaches are attraction number one in Larnaca, especially for family vacation-markers. Ayia Napa provides ample entertainment for everybody, with its active nightlife, 14 sunny beaches fit for families with children to choose from and the medieval old town to stroll around.

In Larnaca and Ayia Napa, one favorite activity in clubs and bars is karaoke, so if you are into singing, put on your shiny clothes and come on stage!

The great thing about Larnaca is that it’s so close to Nicosia, the capital city of Larnaca. If you book a Cyprus car rental, you can hop on behind the wheel and drive straight there. The drive is pleasant, relaxing, the landscapes are interesting and the whole adventure takes about an hour.

In Nicosia, here is what you can see in a nutshell: Cyprus Museum (which documents millennia of history from the Bronze Age up to now), the great wall that divides the modern, new part of town from the medieval Old Town with its vestiges, shops and boutiques galore (where you can spend hours on end indulging in your favorite pass-time).



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