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Buenos Aires trip

Buenos Aires trip

Going on a Buenos Aires trip will have you visiting a place that mixes together a very European-like city, gourmet cuisine and awesome shopping, with frenzied nightlife and high-end activities. Basically you’ll be visiting a very cosmopolitan metropolis featuring all both slick neighborhoods as well as downtrodden areas. Ideally you’ll be staying at some hoteis em Buenos Aires and not the more downtrodden areas.

The city is an interesting blend of cutting-edge boutiques, ritzy neighborhoods and grand park along with unkempt streets and outdoor markets.

The atmosphere of Buenos Aires is created by the many old-world cafes, the colonial architecture and the very diverse communities. You can get a solid meal at a parrilla – steak restaurant – and then spend the night away in Palermo Viejo’s trendiest dance clubs.

There are loads of things to see and do, maybe you’re interested in finding a particular gem in a dusty San Telmo shop, or you might want to check out a local popular fair and learn how to dance the sultry tango.

Most everyone that’s been to Buenos Aires has been raving about their experience ever since, and rest assured if you’re going to spend your holiday in hoteis em Buenos Aires you won’t regret your trip at all.

As far as sights in Buenois Aires go, there’s one that is quite peculiar and mustn’t be missed, namely the Recoleta Cemetery. This is a huge place, and you can wander for hours on the cemetery’s ‘streets’ which are lined with impressive statues and marble sarcophagi. This is where you’ll find the crypts of the city’s elite, respectively past presidents, military heroes, politicians and the general rich and famous; this is where you can find Evita’s grave. The place is so huge that it has English tours arranged on various day so make sure you look those up.



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