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Belgium trip

Belgium trip

belgium-tripGoing on a Belgium trip might prove to be something different than you’d expect from what you hear because the general perception of Belgium is that it is ‘boring’, downbeat and self-deprecating locals.

The truth of the fact is that the country has an astonishing art history, more than sixty UNESCO sites – and keep in mind the small dimensions of the country, and some bizarre carnivals that will make the one in Rio look standard fare and unimaginative.

Besides that, Belgium is a place which has very strong social support systems and liberal attitudes, coupled with imaginative museums, a vibrant theatre scene and artistic life as well as wonderful food and locally brewed beers. If all of these aren’t enough reasons to give a Belgium trip some serious consideration then nothing will.

The place also adds new attractions and sights on a constant basis, Europeans in this region of the continent like to keep moving, so there are some new state-of-the-art galleries in Mons and Leuven, as well as the Herge museum at Louvain-laNeuve, and we should also mention the Magritte Museum and subterranean Coudenberg experience in Brussels.

Those headed to Liege will be able to see the Grant Curtius, one of the continent’s most extraordinary 21st-century architectural talking points, as well as the Liege-Guillemins station.

Belgium is a country made up of two quite distinct halves, with the northern part being called Flanders and populated by Dutch-speakers, while the southern part is Wallonia populated with French-speakers. The north is characterized with a rather monotonous landscape which is interspersed with some wonderful historic cities, while the south is known for its caves, castles and bucolic valleys.

We have looked at Bruge and Antwerp trips in the past, make sure to give those a read as well, and don’t forget how useful Belgium car rental services will be if you plan a trip there.