Bruge trip

Bruge trip

The city of Bruge is possibly the most overcrowded Belgium destination that you can choose. Considered by some to be a tad too much focused on tourists, and as such, a bit fake, the city shouldn’t be glossed over if you’re considering a Belgium trip.

A Bruge trip will take you back in time, a few centuries at least, the place is as if it had been suspended in a time bubble many hundreds of years in the past. This makes it the most-visited medieval city in Western Europe.

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The experience is something that can only be truly felt by being there, seeing the picturesque market squares and canals winding through the city. The old whitewashed houses are silent testaments to a world that has been gone for a very long time, everything looks like it has been wonderfully preserved, however looks can be deceiving.

The city looks indeed great, but not due to some extraordinary preservation policies, no; the city instead, has been renovated many-many times, in order for it to keep its medieval look. What you see is indeed, what things looked like many centuries ago, however most of the actual architecture is at the very most, from the 19th century.

For those who want to get the most from their Bruge trip, they should schedule it to happen either during the spring or during the summer, thus avoiding the very damn and rather cold weather of the autumn and winter. During the summer you can hear the carillon chimes seeping through the cobbled streets, and you can enjoy seeing the local children who illegally cast fishing rods into the canals. During the spring on the other hand, the daffodils carpet the place. Granted for those who enjoy a bit of cold in their weather, the winter time in Bruge will have them seeing skating on the frozen canals and not much else, since winter is not the top tourism season.

There are many things to see and do while on your Bruge trip, rest assured that we don’t have nearly enough space here to talk about them, you’ll just have to discover them by yourself.

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