Antwerp trip

Antwerp trip

The city of Antwerp is a major tourist destination of Belgium, and it is well known for the friendliness of its inhabitants and a fondness for good food and good living in general.

Antwerp – or Anvers in French – is appreciated by a plethora of people, from fashion moguls and club queens, to those who love art and those who deal in the toughest rocks on the planet. The capital of Belgium is a place of cool, fame and fortune.

An Antwerp trip can mean a lot of things to different people, it is old and new at the same time, populated with great architecture, an impressive cathedral at its centre and a plethora of shopping opportunities strewn across the many cobbled backstreets and lanes.

Antwerp trip  – Points of interest

Culture vultures will absolutely love the place seeing as how it is considered by some to be an architectural museum in itself, featuring a mixture of styles, from a medieval riverside fortress to more modern waterfront creations, and of course the famous Cogels-Osylei.

It needs to be noted that Antwerp also has a reputation for being something of a fashion hub in Europe, and this only makes it that much more of an attraction for shoppers. Especially when you consider the dimensions of the city, the place has a huge number of very well-known and world-acclaimed fashion designers who have set up their boutiques here. The designer stores are constantly buzzing with shoppers looking for something that hip and chip, whether it’s a piece of clothing or an accessory.

The modern part of the city is mostly represented by the club culture, a culture that takes over the place once the sun goes down. Massive parties burst out in summertime and during the night, the place to be is somewhere on the rebuilt docklands to the north and south of the town, where the cool vibes beat and thrum constantly.

Of course there’s much more to be said about Antwerp, and so much more to be done once there, we can only give you a small idea of what’s it like.

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Antwerp – Belgium