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The wonderful Aix en Provence

The wonderful Aix en Provence

Would you like to travel someplace beautiful? France has it all: style, poise, beauty and elegance, along with just a touch of avant-garde. So today we were thinking we just might talk about the wonderful Aix en Provence.

Here’s a short tour guide of the city that gave us the wonderful painter Paul Cezanne. No wonder such beautiful art was engendered in such a quiet and picturesque place.

Away from the hustle and bustle of Paris, deep in the traditional Provence region, Aix en Provence offers a slower pace of life and a countryside air.

It is not hard to convince somebody that Aix en Provence is lovely. But it might be a bit tricky at first to convince the cynics that it is very interesting to visit and lively. To think it’s not would be a total mistake.

The town has hundreds of beautiful fountains, earning it the nickname of “the city of a thousand fountains”.

What could be more French than a long green avenue lined with cafes and boutiques? That is exactly what the Cours Mirabeau has to offer. It’s the best promenade in town.

The entire city, in fact, has a traditional air, as does the Mazarin district, where you can delve into the secret and enchanting life of a majestic private mansion, former hotel turned into the Caumont Art Center. There are arts exhibitions held here every year, as well as a chick bookshop and a tea room.

Dedicated in the 16th century, the Saint-Savior Cathedral is the greatest church in Aix en Provence. It houses the amazing "Mary in the Burning Thorn Bush" painting by Nicolas Froment (completed in 1484) and the Chapel of Saint Mitre, the local patron saint.

This gem is an excellent place to walk. But it is also accessible by vehicle. To this end, you can hire a car from Aix en Provence TGV Train Station and enjoy a swifter journey.