Post Earthquake Trip to Upper Mustang

Post Earthquake Trip to Upper Mustang

On July 22nd 2015, Me and my friend made a trip to Lo Manthang. A bike trip!

It took us a complete week for trip from Kathmandu to Kathmandu with two night in Lo Manthang. Road up to Beni passing via Pokhara is black topped. Onward up to Ghasa trail is difficult with lots of rock. Again onward from Ghasa it is good again though not black topped. It was monsoon so little difficult for the trail in between Beni and Ghasa. Marpha, Jomsom and ahead it is on rain shadow of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, so very rare rainfall and trail are dry.

This is a perfect trail for mountain biking as well. You can find total breakdown of road in term of kilometers.

– Kathmandu to Pokhara – 210 km

– Pokhara to Beni – 85 km

– Beni to Jomsom – 76 km

– Jomsom to Lo Manthang – 71 km

It was the pefect trip after the earthquake to Upper mustang. There was no damage from earthquake. Everything was fantastic.

As a part of monsoon, major obstacle is big waterfall along the trail. Rupse Chahara and it completely unaccessible. We had to pay USD 5 for local to get on the next side of road. Otherwise rest part was completely fine. It is better to collect contact information of local workshop along the way. Mobile network is very good. You can call mechanics is case of need from the middle of the trail, however charge will be high. Check your bike at Jomsom before you head Lo Manthang. Also a side trip to Muktinath can be made from Kagbeni. It is a famous hindu and buddhist temple. If you are riding during monsoon, you have to look for you disc pad as well. Or a brake shoes if your bike had drum brake. Fill fuel at Beni. Also refuel it at Jomsom. Petrol is very expensive above Jomsom. There are checkpoint make entry of your vehicles. If possible always cover your bike. Otherwise it would be a big problem from you to start in the morning after chilling cold night temperature. Always travel in a group, at least two bikes. Also, carrying small repairing tool kit can be a good idea.

There are frequent local jeeps as well throughout the trail. Go trek famous prehistoric trans Himalayas salt trading route. Make a side trip to Tibetan Border as well. There are many things to do in Upper Mustang. Empty road and full gas on your bike! What else you need?

If you have time, it is worthwhile to go to Tibet border. The trail was amazing. There wasn’t no effect of Earthquake in Upper Mustang at all. Even though the bike trip was disgusting due to the off road, it’s worth it. If you are adventurous people, it is the place you should go on the motorbike.