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Where to go when in Cyprus

Where to go when in Cyprus

Somewhat outshadowed by the touristic prominence of its neighbouring country, Greece, Cyprus nevertheless deserves more than to define its identity by comparison to the country of Olympus Gods. If you’ve already been to Greece, don’t imagine a visit to the other country might be pointless. Where to go when in Cyprus? Let’s find out!

Paphos and the adjacent region is probably number one tourist destination on the island of Cyprus. Not to be missed here is the amazing site called the Tombs of the Kings – not to be confused with the Egyptian Valley of the Kings… although there are similarities, in the sense that both are necropolises. The Tombs of the Kings comprises about 100 tombs pertaining to 3rd-century BC aristocrats.

Paphos is a beautiful harbor city, so walking along the coast feeling the breeze from the sea is an amazing experience. You can go for a run in the mornings as well and in the evenings, you can take your lover by the hand and stroll along the promenade.

Also in Paphos, a day at the beach is absolutely required to keep healthy and get a nice tan. In Limassol, you can feast on a 7-mile long sandy beach and in Coral Bay you can enjoy the horseshoe cove tagged with the Blue Flag.

And personally, I’ve also felt that there is something beautifully compelling about the village life around the great cities. The difference between the hustle and bustle of the city and the quiet of the rural universe is so big! Well, you can also sample that near Paphos city, in the villages of Latchi or Polis, where you can sample the authentic life of the locals.

How can you do all this? For starters., you can log online and book your Paphos airport transfers to show you around the region and take you to your hotel!