Top 10 countries to visit in 2013 part 3

Top 10 countries to visit in 2013 part 3

In today’s post we’ll end our look at the top 10 countries to visit in 2013, so let’s get to it.


Cold, small and out of the way, but when you talk to pretty much any tourist that has been there, you’ll see that they’ve all developed something of an unconditional love for the little island nation. Why this reaction? Well it might have to do with the absolutely mind-bending scenery, the local hospitality or the delicious lamb and fish traditional dishes. Due to a very public currency crash a few years ago, travel to the island has become very affordable however, as the economy starts to heal the prices are starting to climb again. Visiting in 2013 should still be quite a great choice from the financial point of view.


The southeast of Turkey, formerly not very well-known to most tourists is starting to become more and more appealing thanks to new low-cost airlines making flights to the region, as well as some considerably upgraded bus services. You can explore the historic towns of Mardin and Midyat, and then sample the absolutely fantastic food in Gaziantep. You can also experience the recently inaugurated Abraham’s path walking trail where you’ll be accommodated in simple Kurdish homestays, quite a different type of experience from Istanbul’s Old Town.

Dominican Republic

Looking for a new escape to sun, sand and surf? Well the Dominican Republic might just be the place that you’ve been looking for, with an increase in airline offers and cruise ships adding it as a major port of call, the Dominican Republic is becoming one of the best possible destinations to go to in the Caribbean.


Animated talking animals aside Madagascar is much more than the tile of a favorite kids’ cartoon, it’s an actual country that has been going through a slew of political instability and uncertainty which have hampered the development of proper tourism infrastructure. However it is looking that this is starting to change and this makes it a great place to visit in 2013.

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