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Visit Madeira’s most beautiful levadas

Have you heard about wonderful walking trails and hiking destinations in the middle of the raw beautiful nature? Well, Madeira island is the place where you can enjoy these entertaining activities, while having a great time with your family and friends.

Allow yourself to be carried away by the green paradise of Madeira’s Caldeirão Verde, where you can admire the treasures of nature and the impressive waterfall, which will charm your heart forever. The journey starts at Quiemadas, in a vast forest, which reveals a jungle of vegetation and breathtaking landscapes of São Jorge’s village, as well as the immense mountains that surround this area. Along the walk, you’ll enjoy the silence you can only find in the middle of nature, the eccho of the forest, the lovely birds’ songs and the sound of waterfalls crashing down. Arriving at Caldeirão Verde, immerse yourself in the magnificent waterfall falling on the cold and crystalline lagoon. You can also have a rest while having a picnic and enjoying the relaxing sound of water falling.

Come and discover Levada do Cedros, one of the water channels that crosses the main island of Madeira. This is a unique journey where the hiker travels side by side with the levada, surrounded by the lush vegetation and outstanding mountains, along with gorgeous old trees which can reach an altitude of 1,300 meters. The adventure starts in one of the most beautiful areas of Fanal, surrounded by the scent of several indigenuous species such as Madeira laurels (Ocotea foetens), lily-of-the-valley trees (Clethra arborea), Canary laurels (Laurus novocanariensis), Indian bays (Persea indica) and Madeiran whortleberry (Vaccinium padifolium), continuing to descent until you reach Levada do Cedros embraced by the mesmerizing views of the Ribeira da Janela valley. You can have such a wonderful and relaxing time during this walk and you can always discover new paths with more hidden treasures, which definitely will be remembered.

Levada do Alecrim is one of the most beautiful levadas in Madeira and offers spectacular views on the Paúl da Serra plateau. Rabacal is the starting point of this amazing journey, which will reveal on its way fairytale views, rich vegetation, as well as waterfalls, springs and lagoons. The large water reservoir and small pools offer lovely refreshing swimmings for those seeking for more adventures.

Come and enjoy nature and all the surroundings, composed by the living green of the lush vegetation along with astonishing species of endemic flora and fauna of the Madeira Island, which will make these walks a unique experience.
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