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Introduction to the Dominican Republic

Introduction to the Dominican Republic

It’s a very little-known fact that the Dominican Republic is a wonderful place for a holiday. Not only is it located in the Carribean, but it is one of the most geographically diverse countries in that region, with everything from wonderful coastline, to stunning mountain scenery and desert scrublands.

The thing that attracts the majority of tourists to the Dominican Republic is its coastline, its miles upon miles of picturesque white-sand beaches lined with shade-giving rows of palm trees. Obviously there are parts of the coastline that is lined with rocky cliffs or is populated with mangrove lagoons or wind-swept dunes. The place is incredible from the geographical stand point, as we mentioned earlier.

There are a plethora of beach resorts to choose from, but you can also explore the fishing villages and small towns, where you can experience a considerably less touristy type of vibe. This is where traditional food and culture permeates the air thanks to the almost ever-present merengue that can be heard from every modest corner store.

Except for a very few cities and the capital of Santo Domingo – which is worth visiting on its own – much of the country is rural, with a fertile interior where you’ll see livestock grazing and farmers ploughing their fields, but further inland you’ll get to see mountains that look more like the European Alps than anything in the Caribbean. Exploring further you’ll find rivers cutting their way through jungle landscapes and resulting in stunning waterfalls.

As far as attractions go, there are quite a few to mention, from the natural to the cultural ones. There are many protected areas made into parks which will be a great visit to anyone young or old. Then there are the museums of course, some churches and monasteries and of course some remnants of its colonial past, be them buildings or fortresses, or ruins of such.

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