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The ultimate list of New Year’s Eve destinations – Part1

The ultimate list of New Year’s Eve destinations – Part1

Is it too early to prepare for the winter holidays? We think, no way! There are people who start planning for the New Year’s Eve as soon as the year starts, but on the other hand, it’s not too late to find the ultimate list of New Year’s Eve destinations.

There are some places where you’d like to spend forever. Let’s not be dramatic and instead focus on a few special places where you would really like to spend a special time of the year with a really special someone.

First stop: Europe. It might be called the Old Continent, but the truth is it never gets old. With its mountains and seas and thousands of years of history reflected in its architecture, poise and style, Europe provides dozens of perfect destinations for this winter.

1. Vienna is number one on today’s list. The capital city of Austria is home to one of the most impressive plazas, right in the center of the city, in front of the Town Hall. you can take your loved one to visit Schonbrunn Castle if you stick around for more than a couple of days and relive the the legendary love between Empress Sissi and Emperor Franz Joseph.

2. If you can stand the cold (and after all, winter is all about the snow and the cool, crisp air), you can have a fairytale fireworks-lit New Year’s Eve in the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik. Fireworks symbolize burning last year’s misfortune and welcoming a new beginning.

3. How could we possibly ignore the city of lights and the undying capital city of lovers walking hand in hand on the golden Champs Elysees? Paris is our last stop for today. The greatest French city needs no introduction, maybe just an observation: traffic here can be a bit heavy, so you can book a Paris taxi transfer online just to be sure.