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The ultimate list of New Year’s Eve destinations – Part 2

The ultimate list of New Year’s Eve destinations – Part 2

Dearest readers, here we are, back on tour of the world. Last time, we established three of the cities well worth occupying a place on the ultimate list of New Year’s Eve destinations. Today, we get to see so much more! Let’s take it from where we left off.

4. First stop, a place in Europe away from mainland: Madeira Island. You wouldn’t necessarily peg it for the ultimate New Year’s Eve destination. And yet, this exotic island in the middle of the Atlantic, geographically closer to Africa than Europe, hosts the most spectacular fireworks display in the world. Thousands of people come from all corners of the world year after year to witness this amazing display of sparkle and color. If you want to be one of them, you’d better hurry up, though, since plane tickets are in short supply these days and even Madeira car rental options are becoming scarce. Don’t panic just yet: you still have a bit of time; just not very much. And as an alternative, you can opt for a Funchal airport transfer.

5. New York city is another city whose lights shine all the way all day (and especially all night) long. A million people (literally) gather in front of Times Square every January 1st. The fireworks displays here are also absolutely spectacular!

6. Are you in for something traditional and authentic? Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, celebrates Hogmanay (the last day of a year) with impressive torchlight processions, fireworks and the loudest and merriest street parties. You won’t even feel the cold air with that much excitement going on in this true open-air festival.

7. Barcelona is the ultimate European destination these days. Gaudi’s art and the mild weather make it one of the most sought after resorts. And, much to the dismay of Madridians, there are still millions of people who believe Barcelona is the capital city of Spain. We wouldn’t want to stand in the way of other people’s beliefs, but we’d like to inform you that you can go online and book your Barcelona car hire to drive through the vast and beautiful city during the first day of the new year.