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The amazing Gibraltar

The amazing Gibraltar

I don’t know you, but I for one have already started looking for a place to spend the winter holidays – and let me tell you this: I’m a little late already. Today we explore the amazing Gibraltar and why to spend New Year’s Eve there as we search through our endless list of gorgeous destinations.

Gibraltar, for those who are wondering, is an overseas British territory in the southern Iberian Peninsula. It retains some of the Spanish charm and tradition (since it was part of Spain for centuries before it was annexed to Britain), but it mixes it with the British colonial atmosphere. It is a fascinating place with an authentic lure.
Gibraltar is – let’s face it – the only British realm where the weather is actually nice (more than nice, even).
Gibraltar is part of the European Union. If you consider spending the night between the years there, you don’t have to worry, you can travel there freely as a European citizen. The currency is the pound.
There are only about 30.000 locals in Gibraltar. Most of them speak English, but you can also manage with Spanish.
The Barbary Apes are the symbol of Gibraltar. They are very sociable and prowl the town like they own it! Be warned though: they are always looking to steal a snack from the unsuspecting tourist!
New Year’s Eve is celebrated with a lot of joy, music and with fireworks at the Casemates Square. The party lasts for hours and everyone is invited to join in.
The next day, with the weather still mild for winter, you can call on your Gibraltar airport transfer, the same service that’s brought you in from the airport, and ask them to take you somewhere nice in town. It is a beautiful place to explore and a happy place to welcome the New Year.