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Different places to spend Christmas

Different places to spend Christmas

If last time we spend quite some time reviewing the best option for a fabulous New Year’s Eve this year 2016, today we get to explore Different places to spend Christmas. And i have to tell you right from the start: this journey s most certainly not one for the faint-hearted. Because by “different”, we mean really unique and unexpected places, some of which you probably would never assimilate with Christmas.

Japan may be an Asian country with a Shinto majority. They are said to be pragmatists, workaholics and some of the smartest people out there – and they are! But that doesn’t mean they would absolutely and irrevocably shy away from Santa’s gifts, an explosion of color red and the distant (un-lived) memory of a family celebration.
The streets of Tokyo put on a festive garb for the end of December and the giant screens so popular at every grand intersection are filled with an explosion of colorful images and videos that really get you into a truly festive mood. You can take a car in the capital city for a few days from Tokio Narata airport car rental.
How about a truly exotic trip to Luang Prabang, in Laos? There, you will find a heartwarming combination of aboriginal tradition and colonial occidental history. Once you reach the beautiful town of Amantaka, you will feel like home and never want to leave. And feeling like home is what Christmas is all about. Reclining against a lukewarm swimming pool in an exotic location does not necessarily go against all principles.
Inheriting part of the colonial traditions and displaying a Christian majority, South Africa is truly a beautiful and warm place to spend Christmas. And by “warm” we mean literally hot and sunny, since it’s summer in December in the Southern Hemisphere.