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Targu Mures trip

Targu Mures trip

On a Targu Mures trip you will be heading to a very beautiful region of Romania, at the meeting point of three major geographical and economic regions, the Transylvania Plain, the Mures Valley and the Niraj Valley. This area has been inhabited ever since the Neolithic and there are many signs pointing it to have been constantly inhabited through all the major eras of civilization development.

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The city has been a very important settlement during the Middle Ages and as such it is home to a rather interesting fortification in the sense that in 1492 the monastery complex was fortified as a way of strengthening Stefan Bathori’s power in the region. The fortress did not survive in its entirety, however several ‘towers’ did survive, coming from various times of demolition and rebuilding, each of them belonging to a certain guild within the city who was responsible for their maintenance and defense.

The local Culture Palace – which is something of a general institution in the country – is home to the Philharmonic, the Library and the Art Museum. The building was constructed in 1909 and it features a double sided classical style, depending on the floor. The interior of the place is much better decorated which combines a plethora of features such as ornamental paintings, bronze and glass ornaments as well as others to create an interestingly somewhat fantastic setting.

The Orthodox Cathedral was built between 1925-1934 as an answer to the spiritual needs of the city because the old wooden church wasn’t spacious enough. Due to the period in which the church was built the traditional fresco or Byzantine mosaic decorations could not be made, so painting the church was the fallback.

These are just a few of the things that you can see and do while in Targu Mures, rest assured that there are many other attractions that the city has in store for you, so employ our Targu Mures car hire services in order to see as many of them as possible.



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