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Focsani trip

Focsani trip

Going on a Focsani trip will mean that you’ll be visiting the Moldova region or Romania, a very historically important town that has been around at least since the Middle Ages. Archaeological digs have shown the area to have been inhabited since the Neolithic, and some Dacian findings have been unearthed as well.

As far as tourist attractions go, Focsani has at least one very interestingly and somewhat unique attraction, the “Living Fire Natural Reserve”. While not exactly in town, with our Focsani car hire services you can easily travel the 37 kilometers needed in order to reach this reserve.

The ‘living fire’ is a naturally occurring phenomenon caused by natural gases trapped under the earth which escape through several vents and thus create ever-burning flames. The flames range in size from 10 to 50 cm, and when it rains they will get extinguished, but you will see the water bubbling in the places where the gas never stops leaking out.

The Focsani Mausoleum was built in 1927 with the help of public donations. The building is inspired by Byzantine art featuring lateral domes and houses the remains of Romanian soldiers who gave their life during World War I.

The Focsani History and Archaeology Museum is one place to visit if you wish to find out more about the region’s history and culture. Exhibits here start with the prehistoric age, showing off artifacts from various cultures from various eras, and then there are of course large spaces dedicated to the very turbulent Middle Ages and of course then the modern age.

These are just a few of the things that you can see and do while in Focsani, while it is not a large town by any stretch of the imaginary the surroundings feature a natural beauty that is very hard to come by in most other European countries, so employ our Focsani car hire services and enjoy as much of it as possible.



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