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Buzau trip

Buzau trip

Going on a Buzau trip will have you visiting the right shore of the Buzau river, which is located funnily enough in Buzau county. Set against the backdrop of hills, rough terrain and mountains a bit farther out, the city is somewhat sheltered by the geography but its climate is mostly continental.

One attraction of the city that is easily reached with the help of our Buzau car hire services is the Eagles’ Lake, also known as The Bottomless Lake. One legend says that eagles would fly here during the spring to rejuvenate themselves and to teach their young to fly; another legend talks about how a shepherd threw his club in the lake and then left, only to find his club after a year of walking about, in the Danube.

The lake is located in a rather wild region at an altitude of 1.420 meters, in a region not very well-known by tourists, it isn’t exactly easy getting there, but it isn’t that hard either, however in the winter it can be rather dangerous because of the changing weather as you climb.

Those with a more cultural lean can see the “Prayer” funerary monument, made on order by none other than Brancusi in his Paris workshop. The kneeling woman is not crying as it was mentioned in the contract, instead she has her head bowed and hands clasped together in prayer – but there’s just one hand, one arm. The work is a wonderful metaphor for purity and humility.

Now there are a few other places of interest to see in Buzau, such as the Comunal Palace, the County Museum and the building of the theological school, but Buzau is much better used as a starting point for a trip to its surroundings. Best made with our Buzau car hire services, the surrounding settlements and geography feature some great wine-growing areas as well as historical sights and unspoilt nature.



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