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Sofia trip

Sofia trip

Visitors to Bulgaria’s capital will find themselves visiting one of the most compact and walkable European capitals. However one has to consider that because of its location and the fact that Bulgaria, like its neighbors, has only been part of the international community for a couple of decades starting with the fall of the Iron Curtain, Sofia is also one of the least known European capitals to foreign travelers.

The country has been part of the international tourist circuit for quite a while, but a Sofia trip is not something that many plan on because they’re usually busy heading for the coast or ski resorts – which are some of the more interesting, high quality and affordable ones in Europe.

Those who do choose to spend their vacation time in Sofia will find a young and dynamic place that is waking up after decades of Communist slumber and growing up into a confident and rather cosmopolitan European capital.

The city is permeated by that east-meets-west vibe, which can be seen all throughout the Balkans, in Sofia this is represented by a couple of onion-domed churches, Ottoman mosques as well as Red Army monuments. Nowadays however, all of the above share the skyline with shinny shopping malls, five-star international hotels and a plethora of bars, pubs and clubs – the best the country has to offer actually.

Sofia is a long way from being a metropolis, but despite this it is still the largest city in Bulgaria and filled with plenty of things to keep you busy for many days. There are museums, art galleries, theaters, fine restaurants as well as rather huge areas covered with parks. Also one has to mention the fact that the nearby ski slope and hiking trails of Mount Vitosha are close-by.

There’s a general sense of very quick development all around the city, this can be seen in other major cities in the nearby countries as well, there’s a lot of new wealth which you can see all around in the shape of trendy international shops, upscale hotels and flashy cars, however there is still great inequality here as well. There is however, the hope that the future will be brighter.


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