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Fun facts about London

Fun facts about London

“If you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life.” Or so Samuel Johnson thought. So far, we know the capital city of the Kingdom of Great Britain is not a boring place. But here are other Fun facts about London that might amuse you.

1. We already know that the British drive on the left side (which is right to them and wrong for… well, the rest of the world). The reason for this appears to rest in Victorian England, when the first traffic regulations were issued and people protested that, since one always climbs a horse from the left side, that’s the way to go. But did you know that there is actually one road in London where you get to drive on the right side? It’s the Savoy Hotel drive. Some say this exception to the traffic rules is because guests had to be dropped off to the Savoy Theatre, which is positioned on the right side of the street.

2. Those yellow cabs are a symbol of London. That’s not hard to guess. But what’s more interesting to know is that to get a (very expensive) taxi license, you need to prove you’ve got “The Knowledge”. It might sound funny, but it means you need to know every single road and boulevard and site in London. Apparently, this takes some 2 to 4 years to master.

3. It is illegal to die in the British House of Parliament! That does sound amazing, right? And while most of us secretly wish they could be urged not to die… at all, there’s a strategic point to this one interdiction. Since everyone who dies in the House of Parliament is entitled to state funerals, that would be quite expensive for the Crown, right?

I hope today’s only proved you London is by no means boring. If you want to drive on the left side, you can rent a car in London.