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Portugal, the ultimate golf destination: Lisbon

Portugal, the ultimate golf destination: Lisbon

When you think of “fun” things to do abroad, golf might not be the first activity to come to mind. Equally, when we say “sports”, golf would most probably not be the top most exciting ones on your list. But whoever has played golf at least once will definitely tell you playing golf is the greatest rush.

And since we are here to debunk your preconceptions concerning golf, let’s also take a minute to talk about Portugal, the ultimate golf destination.

First things first: golf is a sport you may find rather static and identify with the rich and complacent aristocrats. But in fact, it is a sport that requires quite a bit of skill and precision. You might be surprised how difficult it is to use the proper club to hit a tiny white ball and propel it into the hole of a field… which can be quite far from the point you are standing!

The history of golf fades in the mist of time, but its origins can be traced in medieval Scotland. Today, golf is played by enthusiasts everywhere… even on the Moon. Really! When the Apollo 14 landed on the Moon, astronaut Alan Shepard hit two balls with a six iron shaft.

Ok, so the odds of getting to the Moon to play golf might seem slim, true. But fear not: there are other more accessible destinations to practice this activity which just might surprise you. As we hinted at the beginning of the article, probably the best European golf destination is Portugal.

The best golf courses in the world, coupled with the wonderful weather all year round and comparatively accessible costs is Lisbon. Playing golf at one of the famous courses just outside the city, like Penha Longa, Estoril, Oitavos Dunes or Praia del Rey will also give you the opportunity to visit one of the most remarkable capital cities in the world: the romantic, melancholic and beautiful Lisboa.

If transport around the city and from your location to the golf course is the issue, you can always go online and book a Lisbon golf transfer at the most accessible fixed prices.