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Trip to Island Pag, Croatia

Trip to Island Pag, Croatia

Over the recent years, Croatia has developed into a great tourist destination, proving to be a strong competitor among the European seaside destinations – and not only. Among the places to go, you should also count a trip to Island Pag, Croatia.

The clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, the endless coastline, the inviting beaches and the picturesque life of the locals is what attracts so much attention from tourists who are always happy with what they find on Pag Island and in the town of Pag, built in the 15th century and still preserving part of the original medieval architecture.

Today, Pag Island is renowned for being the place of origin of the first wind farm in the country, “Vjetroelektrana Ravna 1”. It is also well known and loved for its original cheese, called Paski sir. The third distinctive aspect of Pag is its link to salt extractions, first recorded in the year 999, but apparently dating back to ancient Roman times.

Naturally, tourism constitutes the main source of income of Pag Island these days, as it has for dozens of years now. Tourism come to Croatia for the weather, the sea and the natural beauty, but also because it constitutes a less expensive alternative to other extravagant exotic destinations, but is in no way lacking.

Finding a place to stay in Croatia is something you should nevertheless settle prior to your trip. Your online search will lead you to Apartments Pag. Accommodation in Pag can be booked online and availability can be checked with just a few clicks. After you have settled the issue of your lodgings on the Island of Pag, Croatia, you will be free to deal with the remaining aspects of your planned vacation on the Island and finally to relax awaiting the day of departure!