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Ploiesti trip

Ploiesti trip

Going on a Ploiesti trip will neither have you visiting the largest city in the country nor the most important, however it is a place that will give you a good snap-shot of what real-life is like in this region of the country, and while it is not by far a city focused on tourism, it still has a couple of things that you may want to see and visit.

The town has been around officially for a little over 400 years and is big on industry, especially the oil and gas industry, seeing as how the town has no less than five oil refineries on its outskirts. It is also quite a working town so you’ll need our Ploiesti car hire services to get around the place.

The town is actually the only place in Romania that you’ll find a museum dedicated to the history and evolution of oil extraction and refining in Romania and the world at large. The Museum was founded in 1957 on the celebration of a hundred years of the existence of the oil industry in Ploiesti, so the oil industry and the town have been together for a very long time. The exhibits that you can see range from documents of the time to various artifacts related to the process of oil extraction and refinement. It should be mentioned that the museum is housed in one of the older building in town, in fact most if not all of the museum that you’ll find in Ploiesti are actually housed in older buildings.

For instance the Archaeology and History Museum is housed in a Neoclassical style building that started being built in 1865, the museum wasn’t the first thing here however, it became the host for the museum in 1970.

The local Culture Palace is also quite a monumental building in the style of French Neoclassicism, built at the start of the 20th century. It has been undergoing renovation in recent years, and still is in some sections of the outside at least, and once inside you’ll find a lot of various things to see.

There are a few other things to see while in Ploiesti, but the surrounding region, the Prahova Valley has great natural beauty so make sure you employ our Ploiesti car hire services to see it in detail.



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