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Bacau trip

Bacau trip

On a Bacau trip you’ll be visiting a town that has a very large tourism potential thanks to a combination of historic, cultural and religious monuments and wonderful natural and organic surroundings.

It is not know when Bacau started as a settlement, however its first documented mention comes from 1408 when it is talked about in terms of trading and ever since then the town has been a major trading spot.

One attraction that still stands in part and comes to us from those times: the King’s Court. There is a bit of mystery related to this building because there are no mentions about its look, when it was built or when it was destroyed.

The Roman-Catholic church was built in 1850, so relatively younger but it was built on the site of an older 15th century church.

The Museum of Natural Science is located within the Cancicov park. The Museum is a great place to take in a variety of ornamental plants, as well as exhibits of stuffed birds, butterflies and insects.

Since we mentioned the park, the Cancicov park is quite a large one, covering twenty-five hectares, you can walk around it enjoying the greenery as well as the busts of a variety of Romanian personalities from throughout history. Consider that this park is just a taste of the great natural surroundings that the city has around it and how with the help of our Bacau car hire services you should be able to see as much of this as possible.

For instance the Bacau Lake is one of those great natural locations situated inside a protected area since it is part of the hydropower generating system located on the Bistrita river.

There are many other places of interest in and outside of Bacau so make sure you enjoy it to the maximum while there.



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