Larnaca trip and travel resource

Larnaca trip and travel resource

The Cypriot city of Larnaca is oftentimes skipped over by many visitors, well actually many of them land here and stay here,  to enjoy their holiday in this beautiful city. The weather is great, the water warm and the people in the village are nice and welcoming.

There are several attractions that should not be missed if you do choose to spend a few days here, chief amongst being the Mosque of Hala Saltan Tekke which is the 4th most important mosque of the Muslim world because Hala Sultan, the aunt of the Prophet Mohammed, died here back when Cyprus was conquered by the Arabs in 647.

Then there’s the Agios Lazaros Church which is a wonderful example of Byzantine architecture and it is linked to the actual Lazarus from the Bible. The resurrected man having been the first bishop of Kition (or Larnaca). The sarcophagus he was buried in was moved to Constantinopole in 890 but the Byzantine emperor built a church dedicated to him in its place. While the church still survives to this day, St. Lazarus’ body is now in Marseilles.

Larnaca trip - Larnaca beach
Larnaca trip – Larnaca beach

Your Larnaca trip will definitely covers the religious aspect, now to the fun part is the Larnaca beach.

The city has several beaches, each of them featuring a plethora of activities, on Dasoudi Public Beach you can engage in parasailing, windsurfing and water skiing while the Larnaca Public Beach is great for a variety of water sports, great eateries and wonderful for sun-bathing.

McKenzie Beach is one of the more well-known beaches on the island for its wonderful white sand and refreshing waters, however your sun-drenched nap might be interrupted by noise from the nearby airport which is within a five minute drive’s distance.

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This is hardly a large town, it’s basically a thin ribbon, kissing the coastline, and you can walk around most of it without feeling very tired, in fact the seaside Larnaca Promenade is a great place to take a stroll in the evening.

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It’s a great place to experience Cyprus, much better than some might make you to think.