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New party in town… we present you : Sardinha feast.

New party in town… we present you : Sardinha feast.

Between 3 and 7 August, Sardinha is the Queen of the feast .   Delicious grilled sardines, the most varied moments of music and entertainment, is bringing us,  fun for the whole family! 

But wait, we have more, daily animation, with music at the bandstand, concerts with national artists, crafts, sweets, magic, folklore and many other proposals.

Allow me to make for you a short menu: Music area will be Deolinda  Ana Bacalhau, Luis Jose Martins, Pedro da Silva Martins and Zé Pedro Leitão, are just few from the singers that will bring the good mood in our souls.  Because we can not have fun without food, we invite you to taste our specialities, here are some examples, if you just want to delight in a sardine bread, griddles return to work and fill the waterfront (next to Old Lota) the most traditional and characteristic aroma of grilled sardines. Sardine bread is next to the old fish market, selling points of GEJUPCE and Good Hope.

Night after night, between 19h30 and 21h30, the bandstand comes alive with musical entertainment for everyone, an initiative in charge of Portimão Parish Council. August 3. | Choral Group of Portimão August 4th. | 3 for Tea (popular music) August 5. | the Bandamecos  August 6th. | Fonte Nova (popular music) August 7th. | Renato Reis.

And to see that we offer you complete menu, we take care of  your comfort, so we kindly recommend you Faro Transfers , they can bring you and drop off everywhere in Portimao and not only.

We wait to see you there, with good mood and open to a party, that again, wou will not forget.