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Histria Fortress

Histria Fortress
Let`s start  planing. One of these beautiful and sunny days, I found myself spoiled by the sun`s  warmness, and I just decided that soon will be time to take holidays.

Said and done, that time just come, but I had to take in consider that, these free days are not my friends for so long time, so I planned something to get fast, easy, cheap but with a beautiful and relaxing view.  As my passion for tourism and history as well, I decided the South-East of Romania, and I start with Histria Fortres. So… let`s see.

Histria fortress was a  Greek city, the oldest town certified by the present territory of Romania. Currently, these ruins are located on the administrative territory of Istria, in Constanta county. At the entrance of the archaeological park,  tourists are greeted by a monumental enclosure wall, which was fitted with seven defensive towers and two gates. At the construction of the wall, Histria fortress was used architectural elements, hundreds of inscriptions, banks theater, theater scenes, and many other tools that serve local people to build different settlements. Although there are thousands of years away, there are proves, that,  those who lived in the area, had baths, stone paths, well fixed,  that even today is taking us to the safest way.  Another obvious part that keep my eyes, Latin influences  that you see and feel with a strong gene of oriental side, is like a mixture of a good salad with so different flavors, but very tasteful. Here is the prove: in Histria Archaeological Museum are exposed pieces of Greek archaeology , Romanian and Byzantine, coming from the Histria researches and surroundings: amphorae, inscriptions, pottery, glass, lamps, ornaments, Hellenistic reliefs, epigraphic documents.

One free advice that I would recommend, is to visit on a sunny day, everything around is history and old, so the rain will not let you to have a really bounding with what you will find there.  Decide to travel, will make good for you and for your family, get together in one car, better a rent one with Car Hire Constanta.

You will receive a warm hug, a traditional romanian food, a big sense of humor and the best memories you can ever get! Safe trip.