Mykonos trip

Mykonos is one Greek island that has a reputation for being both glamorous as well as campy at the same time. The island is part of the Cyclades group of Greek islands, and is a very popular tourist destination, benefiting from its location in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

Mykonos is a glitzy and glossy destination, and it feels like that on your wallet, however beneath the sparkles, the place is very charming and extremely entertaining, especially thanks to the blend of various people that you’ll see and meet here.

There’s a constant blend of holidaymakers, people who just landed from a cruise ship, add a dash of fashionistas and a sprinkle of celebrities, and some traditions here and there, and you have a basic idea of what Mykonos is like. The locals have had about four decades to deal with the touristy influences on their island, the they’ve managed to keep onto their Greek identity throughout, you’ll notice that.

However what you will see more of is the lifestyle of those who come here to enjoy the fun, the sun and the beach, and you’ll notice the amount of almost relentless partying, even if it sometimes seem a bit out of place.

You can have your pick of stylish bars, restaurants and shops, but you can still seek out and find quieter places in the labyrinth of narrow streets that is the old town.

With all of this partying and reveling going on on Mykonos, once has to contrast it with the knowledge that the sacred island of Delos is nearby – one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece.

The entire island’s coast is populated with great and crowded beaches, the south coast is the most popular with both Greeks and tourists, while the east coast offers a much quieter type of experience. The north coast is exposed to the northern summer winds, and this makes the beaches here ideal for wind and water related activities, such as wind surfing, but less for swimming and sunbathing.