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Murcia trip

Murcia trip

Those of you who are planning a Murcia trip should be aware that you will be heading towards one of Spain’s least visited and actually least touristy destinations. And while that may sounds like not great advertising, rest assured that there are plenty of people who want to hear that.

Murcia is a great destination for those interested in a very sunny and very hot holiday. Actually Murcia’s coast is called the Hot Coast by the locals and when you consider it gets over three thousand hours of sunshine per year, you can understand why. That amount of sun means that you’ll be getting a sun-tan regardless whether you’re trying to or not, as long as you’ll be going out of your hotel room.

Murcia a region but it is also a busy city, capital of the region. It’s a university town that features a wonderful cathedral, the country’s main naval port and a lot of history.

The Cathedral in Murcia was built in 1394 on the site of a mosque. Over the many centuries that have passed since then, it has went through architectural facelifts and upgrades, nowadays featuring Gothic and Baroque architecture and decorations. The adjacent cathedral Museum is where you can see a lot of very old religious artefacts, as well as the remains of an 11th century Moorish dwelling alongside that of a small mosque, both of which are visible below a glass walkway.

One interesting attraction is the Gran Casino Murcia which was build during the 19th century. The decorative façade was completed barely in 1901 and features Arab-style vestibule and a patio.

These are just a couple of the things that you can see and do in the region and city of Murcia, rest assured that with the help of our Murcia car hire services you will be able to enjoy much more of the region.



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