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Craiova trip

Craiova trip

A Craiova trip means that you’ll be visiting the centre of the Oltenia region, one of Romania’s major cultural and geographical zones. The area in and around Craiova has been inhabited for a very long time, with archaeological evidence showing that it was inhabited during Dacian times and from that moment on, by the Romans and so on. Basically the place has been more or less always here, even though the city of Craiova is mentioned for the first time during the Middle Ages.

The city has quite a few sights and attractions to offer those who choose to visit it, and one such attraction that will appeal to a large number of individuals is the Botanical Garden. Founded in 1952, it spreads over an area of seventeen hectares and is divided into various sectors: Sistematic, Flower Provinces of the Globe, cultivated plants and many more; a great place to spend an afternoon or more.

The Saint Dumitru Cathedral appears for the first time in document back in 1645, but it was already there for a while. It’s a very nice example of the local medieval style and it is of course still in use.

The Art Museum is housed in the Jean Mihail Palace. Having been built between 1899-1907, the building was commissioned by one of the richest people in Romania at that time, it’s a great building and as for the museum which it houses, it started back in 1954, and since then has accrued over four thousand works of art.

One other interesting museum is the Museum of Medicine and Pharmacy History, where you can find a library of over ten thousand books, as well as a couple of famous painting, correspondence, magazines and various objects and documents pertaining to famous scientists.

These are just a few of the things that you can see and do while in Craiova, make sure to consider employing our Craiova car hire services while on your trip there.



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