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Madeira, quite the cultural exotic destination

Madeira, quite the cultural exotic destination

Most of the people who choose the Island of the Eternal Spring as their holiday destination do this because of the seaside, to have fun at the beach, in the mild put ever-present sun. Nevertheless, many of those who are returning travelers will give you a more complex description about Madeira, quite the cultural exotic destination.

Beaches are not, therefore, the only reason to come to Madeira. Here are a few of the most important museums on the island:

Located in the island’s capital city, Funchal, the Story Centre Museum is a modern facility that brings to life the history and identity of Madeira island in a spectacular virtual journey.

Another modern experience can be provided by the Contemporary Art Museum, which features an impressive collection of Portuguese pieces of art dating from the 1960s onward. Also located in Funchal, it is regarded as one of the top 5 Portuguese museums.

No visit to Madeira would be complete without a walk through the Monte Palace Tropical Garden. The famous, luxuriant gardens also feature a museum that displays an outstanding collection of African sculptures and minerals from all corners of the Planet.

Before turning into one of the most peaceful places in the world, Madeira had quite a military past, with captains and governors living in a 15th-century fortress that is now the Sao Lourenco Palace and Military Museum. The military force of the island today is also coordinated from here. The Military Command and the Prime Minister officially reside here. The museum – palace is also open to the public.

Madeira also likes to celebrate its industries, so when on the island, you can visit the Sugar Museum and the Madeira Wine Museum.

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