Madeira, an exotic place to spend Halloween

Madeira, an exotic place to spend Halloween

Even though we’ve only just started the month of October, we know how it’s going to end: with a great Halloween party. So where do we go to spend this eclectic and contradictory feast of the dead and the living? Today, we suggest Madeira, an exotic place to spend Halloween.

Madeira is often called “The Island of the Eternal Spring”, on account of its ever-pleasant and warm climate. But it could also be called this because the smile on the faces of the locals, widely regarded as the nicest people in the world, light up the place and warm the hearts of all passers by. So all things considered, so far, you wouldn’t pin out this happy island as a suitable place to celebrate the Feast of all Hallow. And yet, the locals enjoy to celebrate this part-traditional and part-commercial holiday with colorful costumes, lots of sweets, clubs and shopping sprees.

Kids are particularly interested in the activities, going trick-or-treating and dressing up as ghosts, monsters or superheroes.

Malls throughout Madeira host parties, while the adults can enjoy a Halloween-theme night out in town, in one of the clubs in the capital city of Funchal.

For the great night of Halloween, you must greet the ghosts with a costume to appeal to the benevolent ones and to scare off the evil spirits. So a visit to one of the shopping centers in Madeira is suggested.

Here is a list of shopping options:

– Dolce Vita is a new mall in Funchal, near Santa Caterina Park, where you can visit over 70 shops, have lunch and see the amazing view over the capital city of the island.

– Forum Madeira also offers a beautiful rooftop garden.

– Madeira Shopping Center near Santa Quiteria will also delight you with over 80 shops and 20 restaurants to choose from.

And if you need transportation, know you can book with Madeira car rental or get a Funchal airport transfer.