Why you need ski insurance

Why you need ski insurance

If you are asking yourself why you need ski insurance, a handful of statistics published by Ski Club Great Britain might provide all the answers you need to know,

The Club’s researches came up with the following estimated costs for dealing with even relatively minor accidents and spills on the ski slopes:

  • for accidents in Europe, an air ambulance is likely to cost at least £5,000 to £10,000;
  • repatriation to the UK if accompanied by a member of the family, £200 to £800;
  • stretchered repatriation to the UK, at least £3,350 to £3,700, but subject to airline’s surcharges which may add a further £2,000 to the bill;
  • for accidents in the United States, the cost of an air ambulance is likely to be as much as £30,000;
  • repatriation to the UK, £2,000 to £5,000, taking into account the upgraded seats typically required when leg injuries are involved.

You might consider there to be a compelling economic argument, therefore, for the need for ski travel insurance.

If it is an argument that convinces you, too, you might want to consult a specialist insurance provider – such as BengoTravel among others – to arrange tailored cover for your particular skiing holiday.

Ski equipment and baggage

If you have invested in your own ski equipment you are almost certainly taking with you items of appreciable value. These may be stolen, lost or damaged.

Ski travel insurance is specially designed, therefore, to provide cover for that equipment, allowing you to repair or replace items that are damaged or lost.

The same extends to your luggage and other personal possessions you have taken away on holiday.

Unpredictable weather

Of all the different kinds of holiday you may choose to take, none is more likely to rely on the weather than a skiing trip – and the weather of course is notoriously unpredictable.

If the lack of snow results in your resort having to close the slopes, therefore, some specialist forms of travel insurance for skiers provides daily compensation, usually up to a predetermined limit. Similarly, if your access to the resort is blocked by an avalanche, or if it prevents your being able to leave at the end of your holiday, the insurance may cover the costs of alternative accommodation or additional nights’ stay at your resort.

Frequent skiers

If you are lucky enough to be planning more than one skiing trip during the year, you might want to consider an annual insurance package, which keeps you fully covered whenever it is you choose to go away. On a trip for trip basis, this is typically likely to prove a more economical option than having to remember to arrange your ski travel insurance each time you go.