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Louisiana, a drop of France in America

Louisiana, a drop of France in America

The bonds between the New World and the Old World are nowhere more evident than in Louisiana, a state in the USA where you can sample the authentic air of Europe. So today is all about Louisiana, a drop of France in America.

Although it was the Spanish that first settled on the banks of the Mississippi River, the state of Louisiana has come to be assimilated with French colonialism, as it was the French who left their most poignant mark from the 17th century until the American integration.

Did you know that the name “Louisiana” was given after the French monarch Louie XIV?

The Melrose Plantation belonged to a couple of freed slaves and is the first known Yucca Plantation. It was built in the 1790s and can be visited today.

Also, if you are interested in exploring the Creole lifestyle during the age before the Civil War, you should visit the 1805 Laura Plantation, which produced sugarcane for almost 200 years. The museum- house reenacts the atmosphere of the era with the original furniture, architecture and memoirs written by Laura Locoul, the master’s daughter.

New Orleans is the largest city in the state – and the most European in style. By its old name, “La Nouvelle Orleans”, the city is memorable for its classical architecture, its cobblestone streets and romantic tram. It’s a must see attraction for Americans and Europeans alike, especially the French Quarter. The city is a tourist hub where you can benefit from a wide range of services, such as New Orleans car rental.

Of course, it would be awesome if your stay in New Orleans coincided with Mardi Gras, the greatest holiday in town. The annual event takes place the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday (February or March) and entails street celebrations, music, dance and balls for everyone to enjoy!