10 Fun facts you probably didn’t know about the Big Apple

10 Fun facts you probably didn’t know about the Big Apple

Living the American Dream, or at least just dreaming about getting to live the American Dream, is in itself an aspiration for many. And what better place to dream than in New York? I was thinking about sharing 10 Fun facts you probably didn’t know about the Big Apple today. How about it?

1. New York came under British control in 1664, but before that, it was a Dutch trading post founded in 1626 under the name of New Amsterdam.

2. The emblematic yellow taxis are among the things that make New York what it is. However, operating a taxicab is a taxing affair; it actually costs 1 million USD to get a medallion license.

3. If we wrote a “macabre history” of NY, we’d also mention that the main squares in the city (Washington Square Park, Union Square, Madison and Bryant Park) were built on the site of old cemeteries. Actually, some 20.000 bodies are buried under Washington Square Park.

4. Ecologists might not like this, but 75.000 trees need to be sacrificed to put to paper the Sunday edition of the famous New York Times.

5. One in 38 North Americans lives in New York.

6. Did you know where the most Chinese are? Well, in China – doh! Sure, but outside the country, New York has the largest Chinese community in the world.

7.  Central Park, the artificial, but beautiful “forest” inside NY, is larger than Monaco.

8. The East River is not a river, but an estuary.

9. One of the best ways to travel around the city is with New York car rental.

10. Lots of people believe that New York in the capital city of the USA. News flash: it’s not. Even though it is the largest city in the federation, the capital city of the United States of America is Washington DC.