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Happy New Chinese Year!

Happy New Chinese Year!

February 8th is a very special day in 2016. It’s the day we say, Happy New Chinese Year! This year is that of the Red Fire Monkey and looks pretty good for everyone but those born under the sign of the monkey. But first, let’s learn a bit more about this celebration!

Actually, February 8th is just the first day of the Chinese New Year. Celebrations, however, last for over 2 weeks, until the 15th day of the first month in the Chinese calendar, when the Lantern Festival is feasted.

The Chinese New Year doesn’t have a fixed date, but it falls between January 21st and February 20th.

The Chinese are so lucky: the Chinese New Year being the main bank holiday in the country, most people get to have an entire week off from work!

Predictions for 2016 are quite… predictable, as you’ll see. The monkey’s elements are metal and water. Therefore, it appears that this year will bring financial changes – be sure to outsmart the monkey when investing capital! – and rapid events, so be sure to think over decisions regarding your finances, career, family and relationships!

How is the Chinese New Year celebrated? Much like the Christian Christmas, this is a family celebration, so it’s a time for people to get together and enjoy some quality family time having dinner, exchanging red envelopes, decorating the homes and enjoying fireworks displays.

This year’s decorations are centered on the motif of the monkey. Red monkey dolls and paintings are on sale. Red is the dominant color, as it is believed to bring luck. Of course, the traditional red lanterns won’t miss and the facades of buildings show images of joy and prosperity.

2016 might be an auspicious year to visit China. Upon arrival, be sure to pick up your Beijing car rental!