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Amsterdam trip

Amsterdam trip

What can be said about the Netherlands capital of Amsterdam that hasn’t been said on many other websites, in many books and even movies, it’s a place that holds a particular type of attraction to a great deal of individuals from all walks of life all around the globe.

Known in some circles as the Venice of the North – thanks to its plethora of canals, architecture and over 1,500 bridges, Amsterdam is more well-known in contemporary popular culture as a place of and for free-thinking individuals, thanks to its laws regarding the consumption of marijuana and other hallucinogenics as well as its legalization of prostitution.

The thing is that its own tolerance towards being human has partly overshadowed what a gorgeous city this actually is, when you can see it clearly, because let’s face it, it tends to rain here quite a bit and when it doesn’t rain it’s either cloudy or just not that sunny.

The old merchant villas, charming lanes and lush parks are still there, as they’ve been for centuries actually, and they are just as magical now as they were then, maybe even more-so having survived modern urban development. The cafes are almost always full during their work-hours and if you’re looking to party, then rest assured that people love to party here.

There’s always something happening in this place, but all festivals and parades will find it hard to compete with the Queen’s Day celebrations, which is an interesting and rather unique combination of a huge party and a garage sale.

Amsterdam is also a city with plenty of history behind it, having been one of the most important spots on the face of the globe for quite a few centuries, and it is also a place of great art.

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