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Kosice trip

Kosice trip

Kosice is the second-largest city in Slovakia but you wouldn’t know it when seeing how close knit this place is, and how people seem to just naturally want to get together, especially along the town square. The town square is filled with café terraces and monumental architecture and of course the sounds of many voices talking about anything and everything.

The architecture that you’ll see will range from the Gothic style of the 12th century to the Art Nouveau of the 20th.

Possibly the most important and major sight in the city is the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth – is the most eastern Gothic cathedral in Europe, and it dominates the square that it is located on. It was initially built in 1380 but it has seen several remodeling periods with frescoes decorating the interior alongside 15th century stone sculptures. The cathedral’s ornate tower offers great views of the town, so make sure you climb it.

From a view over the city, you can head underground to explore the city’s archaeology where you can visit the medieval excavations taking place here. Medieval Kosice will reveal to you some of the fortifications, waterways and defence chambers that kept it alive all those centuries ago.

Another part of Kosice’s medieval past is the Executioner’s bastion. This 15th century fortification also includes the Ferenc Rakoczi House which contains some of the personal effects of the Hungarian hero.

As for museums, you can’t go wrong with the East Slovak Museum which houses a major secret stash of gold coins dating from the 15th to the 18th centuries.

When night settles on the city you can gather alongside the locals on the benches near the musical fountain or better yet stop for a drink at one of the many cafes and bars in the city. The thing that marks a definite difference between Kosice and the capital is that type of community cohesion, especially in the old town, which is quite missing from the capital.


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