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Ljubljana trip

Ljubljana trip

Slovenia’s capital of Ljubljana, besides its name, has very few other things that attract the attention of globe trekking individuals. Actually it has no world-famous attractions to its name, and this might seem like a very bad thing from a touristic stand-point, and to some degree it is, but it also makes room for a different type of visiting experience.

The capital’s name almost means ‘beloved’ in Slovene, and this can be seen in the very old-fashioned fun and culture that can be found here. While there may not be world-famous, the city does offer quite a few sights and attractions, not least of which being the Ljubljana Castle.

The Castle sits on top of the hill overlooking the city, right above the city centre. The castle has much more of a functional design than many others in Europe; it is quite austere when you compare it to other similar buildings even in the same region. However it does offer some wonderful views of the city and it is located in a great wooded area.

Those are planning to spend a few days in the city will probably also want to visit the Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia, in order to get a better idea of the country that they’re in. the museum is housed in an 18th century Cekin Mansion and illustrates recent history, through multimedia and artifacts. There’s an interesting contrast to be seen between the communist-era Room G and the post-communist era Room H, it’s great to see the impact of freedom of speech on the culture of the country.

Another interesting building that you’ll want to see, but it will be more difficult to see than the castle, is the Cathedral of St. Nicholas which has been standing since the 13th century, however the twin-towered building has been around since the 18th century.


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