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Bratislava trip

Bratislava trip

Slovakia’s capital of Bratislava is a quite interesting blend of new, old and even older, and all of it is worth your time and money. Those who choose to focus exclusive on the historic centre – which is a rather compact are of the city truth be told – will get to see a lot of what characterizes old European city in a very small area. These things include cobblestoned streets, pedestrian plazas and 18th century rococo buildings.

On the other hand, that may not be enough, and if you want to get a better idea of what the rest of the city has to offer, you’ll find a weird mix of institutional housing blocks and weird Communist-era style buildings. Also just to further drive home the point of weird blends, you’ll see a very old castle sharing the skyline with a 1970s bridge that looks like an UFO.

After the country joined the EU, investment money started pouring in and this has lead to many of the capital’s quarters starting to grow and develop. The city now has a buzz about it, and this is not necessarily the buzz of construction equipment, it’s the buzz of the people going to and fro, whether it’s to a new trendy eatery or just hanging out with their friends and enjoying a walk. You may also notice groups of non-Slovak-speakers wandering around the streets, especially during the evening when the city’s nightlife starts vibrating.

As far as attractions and sights go, one cannot miss visiting the Bratislava Castle. This reconstructed 15th century castle overlooks the city, and inside it you can find the Historical Museum which covers everything from folk crafts to furniture, modern art and history. However the city has another castle for those who are interested, the Devin Castle is located not inside the city, but nine kilometers west of Bratislava. This has been here since about the 9th century.


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