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Geneva trip

Geneva trip

What you’ll notice during your Geneva trip is that this city is a particularly interesting type of city, being sleek and cosmopolitan as well as one of the priciest cities to live in Europe. It is constantly inhabited by pretty much every major language under the sun and most people constantly confuse it for the Swiss capital, which it isn’t. Truth of the fact is that this wonderful city which is located around the largest Alpine lake in Europe is only the country’s third-largest city.

Now keeping all of that knowledge in the background, the entire world is here pretty much, from the UN and the World Health Organization to the International Red Cross and the International Labour Organization; it seems that every major world organization has made Geneva their main headquarters. There are also about two hundred, both governmental and non-governmental, organizations which are here to deal with world affairs.

The international vibe of the place cannot be understated seeing as how everything about the place is multi-cultural and simply the definition of international.  The restaurant offer a plethora of international dishes in order to meet with the ‘local’ demand and alongside them you can see a huge number of banks, chocolate shops, luxury jewelers and four- and five-star hotels.

The thing is that Geneva is not well-known for being gritty, the best thing that you can do is look for the uncut part of a diamond when you venture into the Paquis quarter or into the trendy Carouge where you’re find rejuvenated factories working as alternative night clubs and various bars and pubs.

For most of the place you won’t find anything even close to actual grit, not in the lakeside which is populated with tourist boats, nor on the splendidly maintained and smooth promenades with record-breaking high fountains.

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