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Malmo trip

Malmo trip

The city of Malmo is quite possibly the most ‘continental’ of Sweden’s cities. Being heavily influenced by Copenhagen which is located across the Oresund, Malmo is a very vibrant and multicultural city, being home to people coming from about 150 nations.

Besides the variety of nations that you can find on a Malmo trip, the city is very interesting from an architectural point of view as well, it seems to attract unique works of architecture and designs, with one of the latest being the Turning Torso, created by Santiago Calatrava, but of course one has to mention the wonderful Oresund bridge and tunnel that link Copenhagen to Malmo.

These are of course a few examples of the major sights, but Malmo is intriguing on a personal level as well, with a plethora of modern-art exhibition spaces and quite a lot the traditional half-timebered houses have unique art and craft galleries.

The city also has a castle, the Malmo Slott or Castle, has a very intriguing history, but not much has remained of the older citadels that were built on the site. The buildings that you’ll see today date from 1937 and are made from red-bricks. Due to the Functionalist style of the architecture the entire place looks more like a factory than a castle, but on the inside you’ll find a different story.

This is where the Malmo Museer is located which features a series of museums actually, located in and around the Castle. More-so, inside all the museums you can find café-restaurants just in case you’re feeling a bit peckish or you need a pick-me-up while visiting. The Malmo Kunstmuseum features a great collection of Swedish furniture and handicrafts while also housing the largest collection of 20th century Nordic art.

Red-bricks were also used to build the Gothic church which is the oldest church in the city, built sometime in the early 14th century.

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