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Zurich trip

Zurich trip

Any person on a Zurich trip would have already had some sort of knowledge of this city, seeing as how its reputation precedes it, but that reputation is a bit of a misnomer. Thought by many to be nothing more than just a banking capital or simply a very uptight and business-minded place, Zurich is so much more than that.

It possibly was once, the spotless Singapore of Europe, but not in recent years, contemporary Zurich is surprisingly vibrant and trendy – even though it is still the world’s fourth-biggest stock exchange and is the financial engine of the entire country.

You may not know this but Zurich is located in a picturesque setting, on a river and a lake, it’s very easy to get around and is a general stranger to problems that most other big cities face, such as traffic jams and the like. It becomes pretty clear, pretty fast that this affluent and fashion-conscious city likes to enjoy the finer things in life.

The reputation that Zurich has had in popular culture has been built before the 1990s, since the 1990s however, a large number of new bars, clubs and restaurants have opened and the Street Parade has actually overtaken London’s Notting Hill Carnival in popularity so that now Zurich is the host of the largest annual street party in Europe – you wouldn’t have thought this was possible a couple of decades ago.

What used to be the industrial quarter is now filled with a plethora of nightlife venues which cater to the younger crowd, this district having a very similar buzz to that of Berlin’s Prenzlauerberg. The Zurich bankers are still here but nowadays they might whizz by you on a Segway scooter rather than a car.

The city still has a rather well preserved medieval Old Town and you can see the church steeples rising against the hilly backdrop.

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