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Ibiza trip

Ibiza trip

When you talk about an Ibiza trip, everyone’s mind will undoubtedly jump to the almost mythical nightlife partying scene that the island boasts, and that’s not a wrong idea to have, but it shouldn’t be the only one.

Ibiza has seen an almost incredible rate of development starting with the ‘50s and ‘60s, just to give you an idea, in 1956 there were only twelve cars on the entire island, but oh, how times have changed.

We can talk about the beaches a bit later, since everyone does that anyway, instead we’ll start talking about the many other things that you can see and do while in Ibiza.

And we start with the old walled town called D’Alt Villa. The hilltop that the town is located on was first fortified by the Romans, however the walls that you will still find standing now were built in the 16th century. The place has a great gateway entrance and seven artillery bastions still survive. On the inside you’ll find a bunch of upmarket restaurants, galleries and shops.

Then there’s the Necropolis del Puig des Molins, an ancient burial ground that dates from the 7th century BC. The burial caverns cut deep into the hill and there are actually several of them connected to each other. There’s also a museum on the site which displays a large number of interesting finds such as amulets and terracotta figurines, it’s a rather unique experience indeed.

Another sight that implies caverns is the Cova de Can Marca, this place is just around the headland near Port de Sant Miquel. It’s a series of wonderfully coloured underground caverns, great place for a visit and it should not be missed.

All of these sights and many more will become that much more available to you if you employ our Ibiza car hire services. Remember when we said there was a time when there were only twelve cars on the island? Well that’s a thing of the past now obviously and you can actually pick up your via our Ibiza airport car hire services right from the airport whenever you want.



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