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Commercial car rental options in Portugal

Commercial car rental options in Portugal

Today we are going to talk about a practical aspect for a change: Commercial car rental options in Portugal. Sit back and relax as I tell you the story of my friends Linda and Grantham, who recently moved from England to Portugal.

Linda and Grantham had retired for a couple of years already and they weren’t at all sad to leave their working days behind. In fact, they were quite eager to pursue their dream of moving to Portugal, since they had spent all their holidays on the beautiful, sunny shores of the Algarve for many, many years. The quiet and the beauty of the country, as well as the authentic and sincere way of the locals had always attracted them.

Plus expenses in Portugal are much lower than in the UK, so as soon as they found a cottage in a village near Faro, they decided waking up to the shimmering splendor of the Atlantic Ocean every morning was to mark the remainder of their quiet and happy life.

Still, moving to Portugal required a certain amount of planning. They had collected quite a bit of baggage, furniture, books and more over the years and they didn’t want to leave their “old life” behind. So they had everything shipped to Portugal.

But still they had to restore the house that they had bought and carry the building materials from the stores in Lisbon to the Algarve, where they now lived. That is when they found the services of Faro commercial car rental quite useful. They booked online in just a few minutes, selecting the rental dates and the van type – they needed a medium size one for the task – and then sent their booking request. In just a few hours, they received confirmation that the van was booked.

The finishing touches gave a truly exceptional start to their Portuguese experience.