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Belgrade trip

Belgrade trip

The Serbian capital of Belgrade is not what one would exactly call a beautiful city – in fact even its inhabitants will attest to that – but one thing that it is, is interesting. It’s a place that’s full of a type of hedonism, passion and finesse at the same time, and from an architectural standpoint it’s a weird mixture of two centuries of grandiose buildings alongside typical Soviet-style grey concrete monoliths.

Situated between the massively important Danube River and the Sava River, the city also hides some gems, you can rest assured of that. For instance the ancient Kalemegdan Citadel has stood for many centuries to guard the city – even though not always successfully.

The fortress was built on the hill that resides at the junction of the two upper mentioned rivers. This place has been a fortified settlement for thousands of years, since Celtic times, however something that is so well positioned will also attract the sights of enemies wanting control of the region. It is estimated that over the last two and a bit millennia, there have been about 115 battles fought over this site, and parts of it and the outer city that it protected have been razed about 44 times.

From the Citadel you can find the Knez Mihailova which leads into the heart of the city, it’s a street which features restaurants, bookshops, galleries shops, and all of those things that you might expect to find because Belgraders like to shop and party, a lot.

And partying is something that Belgrade is all about, with every night looking like Friday night here, there are so many choices when it comes to nighttime revelry, from underground bars to floating bars and clubs and apartment bars, in Belgrade everyone seems to be ready and willing to get down.


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